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SOLD A tiny male Calliope hummingbird hovers at the source of his seemingly endless energy. It doesn't matter what type of flower it is. He will sip at any bright spots of color that offer up an energy drink of sweet nectar. As he moves, the sunlight glints off his bright magenta gorget of iridescent feathers.

The background of this painting shows the influence of my recent adventures into abstract art, as a way to bring new life and different elements into traditional realism.  And it's fun to experiment with textures and color combinations!


16" x 16" Oil on Belgian linen panel. 
Champagne silver frame. 

Sold at Night of Artists at the Briscoe Museum of Western Art in San Antonio, Texas.
Night of Artists | The Briscoe Western Art Museum (
210 W Market Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205