Designed for Interior Designers and Art Consultants

Your clients need art...

But you don't have time to search through the mass of ugly art online, negotiate with galleries, or visit artists' studios.

You want unique fine art that your clients will love.

Art that is easy to buy, affordable and profitable.

Krystii Melaine is your favorite fine art source.

Why you'll love working with Krystii Melaine

* Generous Trade discounts on everything 

* Easy online shopping, or send us a purchase order

* Constantly evolving studio inventory of original paintings ready to ship

* Couture custom paintings uniquely tailored for your clients

* Giclée reproductions for residential, commercial and hospitality projects

* Free shipping in the continental USA 

* Discount coupons for your E-design clients plus commission checks for you**

* No minimums - buy what you need when you need it 

* Hold paintings for client approval

* Payment plans to suit your budget and schedule

* Plus Studio Insider access to the artist, and new art alerts to save you time

Create your Trade Account, then shop our collections for beautiful fine art your clients will adore!

**E-Design Shared Discounts

Do you offer E-design services? 

Our generous trade discounts mean there's room for you and your clients to benefit.

Choose how much of your trade discount you want to share with your E-design clients, and give them your personal discount code.

When clients purchase art online with your discount code, we send you a commission check for the difference.

Happy clients + more income = success!

Request your personal discount codes.

Creating a Trade Account is easy

Simply click the button below and fill out your contact details. Approval is usually instant.

Sign in to your account with the icon at top right of any page.

You will automatically see your wholesale prices as you browse our collections.

Have questions? You have direct access to the artist in her studio, and Krystii is always just a phone call or email away.


Do you have an online store?

You can sell our Giclées and Petite Gicées online, and we will drop-ship them to your clients. 

You can stock them in your physical store too, of course.

Talk to Krystii about a custom collection designed for you. Your style, your brand, exactly what your clients want.

Krystii loves collaborating!