Keepsakes Collection

$195.00 USD
Choose Your Keepsakes (sold individually)
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My Keepsakes collection is inspired by the idea of memories, each kept in a special box to be treasured. The most challenging moments in life can often be the most rewarding in hindsight. I hope you will look back on this difficult time and discover that you created some happy memories. Each Keepsake is a memento with a significance only you can know. 

Keepsakes are sold individually, so you can buy just one or collect all four, and add to your collection as I create more pieces. For this group of four, large beads are sewn onto each black and white painted panel, creating bold graphic designs. Hang them in a creative grouping or set them on a shelf.

Each panel is painted black and white with marble, ceramic, new jade, glass and acrylic beads sewn on. 
$195 each, 8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm),1 5/8" deep birch panel. 
Unframed cradled panel, ready to hang or set on a shelf.

Ships in 1 to 2 weeks. Free shipping within the continental USA. 
Contact us for delayed or expedited shipping, international shipping quote, or payment plan. 

Similar concepts can be created as a special order in any size or shape, on single or multiple panels. Contact Krystii to discuss your requirements.  Order a group with your favorite color, children's initials, or symbols that are significant to you, or give them as a special gift.