Origin ~ 24" x 24"

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A new idea sparks into life from the warm, dark depths of our imagination. Swirling around the point of origin, it evolves and expands, breaking apart and reforming until it's ready to be released into the light. Is this what ideas would look like, if we could see them swirling through our mind?

Origin features raised swirls of silver metallic paint on a textured background. Colors range from deep aubergine in the center, expanding to warm lilac-greys around the outside.

Acrylic paint on raised textures on 2" deep cradled birch panel. Background color extends over sides. 

24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm)
Unframed cradled panel, ready to hang.

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Similar concepts can be created as a Couture special order in any size or shape, on single or multiple panels. Contact Krystii to discuss your requirements.