Precipice ~ 36"x36"

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Precipice went through several stages, beginning as an aerial view of a harbor, becoming a torrent of water, then being over-simplified to a greyish mist before this image emerged. That's the nature of abstract painting - and of life - to evolve over time with many layers contributing to the whole. I named it Precipice because I felt like I was about to loose my footing and fall off a cliff right up until the moment I placed that sharp horizontal line that gave me something to hold onto. I feel like this painting is a metaphor for life recently, where so many of us have been on the edge of a precipice, wondering if we will fall or be safe. I hope this painting gives you the same sense of safety and reassurance it gives me. 


Oil and cold wax on 1 5/8" cradled birch panel. Sides are painted to match.

36" x 36" (91 cm x 91 cm)
Unframed cradled panel, ready to hang.

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