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Peacocks are perhaps the most spectacular birds on earth. With their huge tails fanning out in display, the males create an impressively large visual impact. Even when their tail is folded, it is a huge impediment to flying and moving around. But have you ever looked closely at a peacock's head? They are equally beautiful with an elegant crest of fan shaped feathers held on slender shafts above large brown eyes, white cheeks and eyebrows, and those gorgeous, iridescent blue-green feathers.

This triple portrait is about the perfection of the natural world and the wonders to be found in every living thing. 


48" x 48" Original oil painting on Belgian linen on panel.
Contemporary silver frame. 
Framed, ready to hang.

Available at Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Call Chris Sanders on 520-299-1763 for information and to purchase.  (No wholesale discount on this original painting.)

Sanders Galleries (There's no information on the website. Please call for details.)
6420 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 85718