Free Coloring Pages!

Here are some free gifts for you!

Download these coloring PDFs, print them at home, and the whole family can enjoy coloring them in.

Scroll down to see the original paintings for inspiration, or get creative and use any colors you like. 

Happy coloring!

Power Walker

This bull buffalo has places to go and is walking there with powerful purpose. 

See the full color image below for inspiration, or use his cubist outlines to create a modern art masterpiece!

*Remember to set your printer to landscape format for this horizontal image!

Power Walker

Need a little help to find the colors?
This half-tone coloring page will get you started on finding all those little shapes and colors. 

*Remember to set your printer to landscape format for this horizontal image! 


This young girl is dressed in her finest Native American regalia and ready to join her family and friends in a dance. 

*Scroll down to see the full color image for inspiration. You can download and print it to work from too!


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Power Walker

12" x 24" Oil on linen panel.

This original painting is sold


12" x 9" Oil on linen panel.

The original painting is sold.