You deserve something uniquely special!

Couture fine art tailored for you.

Finding exactly the right works of art for every space isn't easy. When you need a particular size or shape, to match certain colors, or to complement a specific theme, you could search the world and never find what you need. 

Krystii Melaine loves the challenge of creating special Couture works of art that are perfectly tailored for your spaces and your clients.

From large-scale works for commercial projects or residential tall ceilings, to small pieces for a special corner, no job is too big or too small. 

It costs no more to have a unique work of art personally designed for you.

Imagine the possibilities!

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The Couture process is easy!

1. Tell Krystii about your project. She will do sketches or digital compositions of your Couture painting.

2. We agree on the concept, a fixed price, and a payment plan. Pay the deposit and Krystii will get to work bringing your ideas to life.

3. You approve a finished image of your painting, make the final payment, and anticipate the excitement of hanging your unique work of fine art.

It's that easy! Fill out the form below or call Krystii to begin your Couture project.

Color matching service.

Krystii is an expert at matching and complementing colors and styles.

Send us your color swatches or mood board and Krystii will tailor your Couture painting to complement your interior design beautifully.

No more searching through thousands of art images to find something vaguely like what you want.

You deserve a Couture painting created uniquely for you!

Custom Portraiture

Celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and achievements with a professional, museum quality portrait.

Keep loved ones close and honor their importance in your life. 

Remember special times as children grow.

A beautifully life-like portrait in oils on linen becomes a family heirloom forever. 

Krystii paints portraits from life or photographs taken in her Spokane studio. Combine a vacation in the beautiful north west with a commemorative portrait, and create family memories to treasure. 

Krystii can sometimes travel to your location for sittings and photo references, or she may be able to paint from your own photographs if they are of suitable quality. 

Fill out the form below or call Krystii for more information. 

Why "Couture"?

In Krystii's first career as a fashion designer, she loved creating Couture bridal gowns for her clients, helping them to look beautiful on their special day.

Now Krystii offers this same Couture service to her fine art clients, collaborating to create the perfect paintings for your individual spaces. Tailoring size, shape, colors and subject to your interior design allows each painting to complement and bring together your vision as a seamless whole.

Together we can create unique spaces to inspire everyone who inhabits them, making the world more beautiful one painting at a time.

In the true sense of the the French term "Couture," Kystii's individually designed paintings are unique, handmade, tailored, beautiful, and some are even sewn - but they are also affordable and accessible to everyone.

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