Blush ~ 12"x12" ~ Trailside Solo Exhibition

Flamingos are one of my favorite birds. Elegantly curving necks, blush pink feathers, long legs and that black-tipped filtering bill make them unique among the avian species. This portrait focuses on the "S" shaped neck and the cast shadows that provide places to capture the deepest salmon-pink tones of the feathers. 


Painted in oils on Belgian linen mounted on Gatorboard panel.
Square silver frame. Framed and ready to hang.

Painting size: 12" x 12" (31 cm x 31 cm)
Framed size:  14" x 14" (36 cm x 36 cm)

Available at Trailside Galleries online. 
Joan Griffith, Director,
T 307.733.3186 - Jackson, Wyoming
T 480.945.7751 - Scottsdale, Arizona