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SOLD Ideas burst forth in an explosion of sparks as her thoughts flutter about like butterflies, newly emerged from their transformational chrysalises. Some ideas are as heavy as gold, keeping her contained and grounded, while others take flight, soaring into unexpected realms. She evolves, becoming something new and utterly unique in this world. 

The Angel Series by Krystii Melaine

Evolution is the fifth Angel in the series, taking my theme of awakening and enlightenment to new levels. Inspired by my life’s journey, these paintings are an evolution of my ideas that are even surprising me as they appear from my brush. They are becoming more complex and layered, more insightful and nuanced, more intriguing.

This Angel holds a power that must be experienced in person to understand. Images on a screen don't convey the depth of feeling people have when they stand in front of her. She carries all of my creative energy, somehow captured in each brushstroke. She challenged me in ways no painting has ever done. She took far, far longer than anything I have ever created. She is a true evolutionary step on my creative journey, but still just the beginning of this new adventure. This series is both the culmination of my life's work to this point, and a new departure into unexplored artistic territory. I hope that someday these paintings will be considered my masterpieces. 

Painting size: 56" x 44" (142cm x 112cm)
Oil paint, raised pastiglia and gold paint on linen panel.
Hand-crafted custom gilded frame. 

Sold by Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Sanders Galleries (There's no information on the website. Please call for details.)
6420 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 85718, 520-252-3299