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Choose Your Keepsakes (sold individually): 8 Swirls

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My Keepsakes collection is inspired by the idea of memories, each kept in a special box to be treasured. I hope your life is filled with happy memories. Celebrate them with your own collection of Keepsakes!

Keepsakes are sold individually, so you can buy just one or two, or add to your collection as I create more pieces. Large beads are hand sewn onto each black and white painted panel, creating bold graphic designs. Hang them in a creative grouping or set them on a shelf.


Each panel is painted black and white with various beads sewn on. 
8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm),1 5/8" deep birch panel. 
Unframed cradled panel, ready to hang or set on a shelf.

Ships in 1 to 2 weeks. Free shipping within the continental USA. 
Contact Krystii Melaine for delayed or expedited shipping, or payment plan. 

Similar concepts can be created as a special order in any size or shape, on single or multiple panels. Contact Krystii to discuss your requirements.  Order a group with your favorite colors, or give them as a special gift.