Life in Five Panels ~ 4"x12" x 5 panels

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Created in a meditative state using earth energy to disperse the pigments, the story of these five panels seemed to develop without me planning it. The first panel, "Leaving," symbolizes a teenage child leaving home and the support of parents. The second is "Friendships," as new bonds are created that will last a lifetime. Panel three is "Family," as partners meet and children are raised. The fourth panel, "Seasons," depicts the repetition of years and seasons as a family enjoys life together. The last panel is "Endings," where the fullness of life begins to draw to a close and all the love of family and friends supports us. 

It amazes me that entire lifetimes can be expressed with the simplest of brushstrokes, carefully arranged to tell our own life stories. This is the extraordinary power of abstract art. 


Acrylic paint on five 1 5/8" cradled birch panels. Sides painted white.

4" x 12" (10 cm x 31 cm) x five panels.
Unframed cradled panels, ready to hang or stand on a shelf. 

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Similar concepts can be created as a special order in any size or shape, on single or multiple panels. Contact Krystii to discuss your requirements.