Mustang 48"x48" ~ Sanders Galleries

A handsome black mustang stallion stands proud and alert. Painted larger than life size, he is a bold and imposing figure who will command attention in any space.

Oil on 1 5/8" cradled birch panel. Sides painted cream to match background.

48" x 48" (122 cm x 122 cm)
Unframed cradled panel, ready to hang

On exhibition at Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona from mid November. Call Chris Sanders on 520-299-1763 for information and to purchase. 

Sanders Galleries (There's no exhibition information on the website. Please call for details.)
6420 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 85718

See also Mustang-Red, Green, Blue, a set of three Mustangs in bold colors, designed to hang with the larger Mustang in black.

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