Nestonevaoo'e - Wind Sounds Woman, Cheyenne ~ Night of Artists

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Nestonevaoo'e turns her head to listen to the voice of the wind. 

The Cheyenne valued elk teeth as a sign of a good hunter. Young men would collect the two eye teeth or ivories from each elk and save them as a gift for their future wife to sew on her dress. When traders brought cowrie shells from distant lands, they became an alternative decoration, sewn in rows to the yellow-dyed hide dresses and accented with beaded panels. These beautiful Cheyenne dresses are my favorite of all Native American creations, although very challenging to paint. 


Painted in oils on Belgian linen mounted on panel.

Gold handcrafted frame.

Painting size: 20" x 16" (51 cm x 41 cm)
Framed size: 27" x 23" (68 cm x 58 cm)

To be sold by luck of the draw at Night of Artists on Saturday, March 23rd at the Briscoe Western Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas.