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A Spirit Horse, an edgy abstract, and coffee rings. May 6, 2021

A Spirit Horse, an edgy abstract, and coffee rings. May 6, 2021

Wow, time really got away from me! It's been seven weeks since my last newsletter. My only excuse is that I've been busy painting for my fall exhibition deadlines. Plus it's spring so the yard needed attention, and I've been helping Michael build us a new deer-proof vegetable garden. Now the plants are happily growing in their beds, we have two Wood Ducks and a Hooded Merganser sitting on a total of 38 eggs in the three nest boxes by the river, the sun is shining and life is good.

Springtime And The New Age Of Aquarius - March 19, 2021

Here in the Inland Northwest the days are getting longer, the snow has melted
although it's still well below freezing at night, the sun appears more often, and
some plants have tiny buds if you look really, really closely. For me it's a time of
waiting and anticipating being able to work in the garden and walk in the
sunshine again. As a sun-loving Aussie, I still haven't fully embraced the months
of snow and coldness!
Springtime And The New Age Of Aquarius - March 19, 2021
A BIG Solo Exhibition and a Studio Small Works Sale

A BIG Solo Exhibition and a Studio Small Works Sale

It has been a while since my last update because I've been working on one of
the largest paintings I've ever created. At 62" x 48", Ghost of the Mountains is a
huge canvas and the snow leopard is slightly larger than life size. His beautiful
black and white coat pattern and all that thick fur needed to be painted
realistically, and it took me many, many weeks of work. Here's the result:

Going With The Flow

I hope life is starting to look a little better and you are going with the flow as
much as you can. I've realized that my job and mission as an artist is to share
happiness and beauty with the world, so I hope you will find some happiness
and beauty in my new and enormous triptych titled Flowing.
Going With The Flow
Quest For The West

Quest For The West

Can you believe it's nearly September? And that means it's nearly time for
Quest For The West! This is my largest and most important exhibition of the
year, and a fabulous event that Michael and I always look forward to. Normally it
takes place at the beautiful Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western
Art in Indianapolis, Indiana, but this year the show will be a virtual "luck of the
draw" sale. This means that anyone can participate in the sale just by

A Timeless Legacy in Glacier National Park

Today's new art update is all about animals. A Timeless Legacy - Women Artists
Painting Glacier National Park opens this coming weekend at The Hockaday
Museum of Art in Kalispell, Montana. The exhibition celebrates the long history
of women artists traveling to Glacier National Park to paint it's wildly
breathtaking beauty.
A Timeless Legacy in Glacier National Park
Big Blue Peony

Big Blue Peony

Each spring I look forward to the few weeks in June when my many peony
plants bloom. (I have about 26 so far!) The bushes are covered in huge,
elaborate flowers that fascinate me in all their fleeting beauty. I paint them every
year, and this year I decided to go big. Really big. And blue.

Wildlife Art Abounds

Hello my lovely friends,

If you are one of those who prefer my realism paintings and are a bit perplexed
by my recent foray into abstract art, this New Art Alert is for you! 

I've returned to the wildlife subjects that launched my career (is it really 30
years ago?!) and I'm finding new joy in painting them with a light and modern
approach. These creatures are so beautiful in their own right that all they need
is to be set against light textured backgrounds, with hints of color and tone
around the edges. 

Wildlife Art Abounds
Floating Down A Peaceful River

Floating Down A Peaceful River

I've been working hard to finish several new paintings for you to enjoy. You've
had glimpses of some on Instagram and Facebook, but others have slipped
through without any progress updates. Today's painting, simply titled River, has
had a couple of details shown publicly that haven't given much away at all, but
you are the first to see the complete painting!

Eagles, Abstracts and Keepsakes

If you find my assorted inspirations and the combination of realism and abstraction a bit confusing, please stick with me. I promise that with time my vision will become clearer and you will start to discover the themes running through my new paintings. I'm exploring lots of new ideas to see which ones resonate most with me, and more importantly, which ones speak to you. It's a whole new adventure in creativity that I hope you will enjoy as we discover together where my wild ideas will take us all.
Eagles, Abstracts and Keepsakes