Ota'taveenova'e - Blue Feather Woman, Cheyenne ~ 40"x28" ~ Night of Artists

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In her elk tooth dress, this Cheyenne woman stands proud and strong. She wears a wide leather belt adorned with German silver conchos and rectangles. Tiny beads decorate her knife sheath and bag, while long dentalium shell earrings end with mother of pearl oblongs. Brass beads, a shell choker, and red paint in the part of her hair complete her appearance. She is a woman of standing within her tribe. Her name, Ota'taveenova'e, means Blue Feather Woman. I used blues and greens in the abstract mists swirling around her to honor her name. 


Painted in oils on Belgian linen mounted on panel.
Brushed champagne silver frame.

Painting size: 40" x 28" (102 cm x 71 cm)
Framed size: 44.5" x 32.5" (113 cm x 83 cm)

For sale by draw at Night of Artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, March 25 2023. Contact the museum to get your name in the draw.