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Thoughts explode from her mind and new ideas circle like tiny orbs leaving golden trails. Now she begins to see through the veils, and her knowledge is like a revolution of the soul. The beauty of nature becomes her grounding source and a cushioning layer to soften the impact of the new energy enveloping her. 

The Angel Series by Krystii Melaine

This fourth Angel in the series continues the theme of awakening and enlightenment, the revelation of new knowledge, and the inner revolution we experience in this process. Inspired by my life’s journey, it is a story we all share. We constantly learn and grow, become aware of new ideas, and open our hearts to previously unimagined possibilities in all aspects of our lives.

Now her head is wrapped in roses as pain recedes and wonder blooms. Her transparent headdress represents ideas exploding outwards, uncontained by a frame and free to drift where they will. But as her mind is freed, new layers of protection are needed - a dress of sheer lace, held together with strange gold structures, and a circle of flowers to envelop her thoughts.

This series is about our shared humanity and the connections that bind us as souls on our unique but intertwined life journeys. 

Painting size: 60" x 60" (152.5cm x 152.5cm)
Oil paint, raised texture and gold paint on Baltic birch panel with 2" basswood sides.
Sides are varnished to enhance the natural wood. Unframed so her thoughts can fly free.

Sold by Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Call Chris Sanders on 520-299-1763 for information and to get on the waiting list for future Angels.

Sanders Galleries (There's no information on the website. Please call for details.)
6420 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 85718