Rumble 30"x24" ~ Night of Artists

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If you have ever experienced being surrounded by a herd of buffalo, you will know the deep rumbles of their constant communication. But they can be cantankerous too, so it's better not to find yourself surrounded by them if you can possibly avoid it! I found myself on foot facing a migrating herd of buffalo once, on a road bounded by a river on one side and a steep hill on the other. All I could do was stand behind a tree and stay absolutely still as they wandered past me. It was a terrifying but exhilirating experience!

This bison bull looms out of the painting as though he's too big to be contained by it. Stormy swirls and that focused eye suggest his mood is less than friendly. 


Painted in oils on Belgian linen mounted on panel.
Champagne silver handcrafted frame.

Painting size: 30" x 24" (76 cm x 61 cm)
Framed size: 37" x 31" (94 cm x 79 cm)

To be sold by luck of the draw at Night of Artists on Saturday, March 23rd at the Briscoe Western Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas.