Spirit Horse ~ 48"x48" ~ Sanders Galleries

Turning towards the future, this spirit horse emerges from the light to guide your way. Or perhaps I just wanted to play with some fun colors in his mane and the shadows to make a white horse on a white background look more unusual and interesting! I had so much fun creating this painting, sticking to realism but pushing the colors into the realm of the imagination. He's big, bold, beautiful and friendly, and would look fabulous on your wall. 


48" x 48" Original Oil on Belgian linen on panel. Contemporary silver frame.
Framed, ready to hang.

Available at Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Call Chris Sanders on 520-299-1763 for information and to purchase. 

Sanders Galleries (There's no information on the website. Please call for details.)
6420 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 85718

Couture commissions accepted of your horse. 

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