Tsemehot-o - The One I Love ~ Night of Artists

This Cheyenne couple stand strong together, ready to face the world and anything life may hold for them. She carries his painted rawhide shield while he holds a lance. Her dress has rows of cowrie shells traded from far away, an exotic alternative to elk teeth for these inland people who would never see the ocean. His shirt is stained deep blue with rare traded pigments to represent the sky, and wide bands of bead work are edged with horse hair drops. 


Painted in oils on Belgian linen mounted on panel.
Hand crafted modern black frame.

Painting size: 44" x 22" (112 cm x 56 cm)
Framed size: 49.25" x 27.25" (125 cm x 69 cm)

On virtual exhibition and available from Night of Artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas, in March 2021

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