A BIG Solo Exhibition and a Studio Small Works Sale

Hello my lovely art friends,

It has been a while since my last update because I've been working on one of
the largest paintings I've ever created. At 62" x 48", Ghost of the Mountains is a
huge canvas and the snow leopard is slightly larger than life size. His beautiful
black and white coat pattern and all that thick fur needed to be painted
realistically, and it took me many, many weeks of work. Here's the result:

Ghost of the Mountains ~ Snow Leopard

Don't you think the pattern of his coat is an amazing work of abstract art in
itself? The cat was painted entirely with three tiny brushes, each one just a
quarter of an inch wide. The unusual perspective from above and the
composition of that huge curling tail made such a strong visual statement that
anything else would be superfluous, so I placed him on a simple white textured
background. It could be a field of hard-packed snow, but with only the soft grey
shadow defined, I left his snowy mountain habitat to your imagination.

Here's a close-up of the snow leopard's head, so you can see all the furry
details. I didn't paint every individual hair, but focused on capturing the
impression of the clumps of hair and the shadows they cast on each other.
Those big golden eyes and pink nose are the only points of strong color in the
whole painting.

The signature
My basement studio is lovely, but the ceiling is too low for my Hughes easel to
raise to its full height. On a large painting like this, I have to get into some
awkward positions to reach the bottom of the canvas.

Here I am on my knees adding the final touch - my signature. This photo gives
you an idea of the scale of this painting and how many thousands of tiny
brushstrokes it took to create a life-size snow leopard.

A *BIG* Solo Exhibition at Sanders Galleries

Ghost of the Mountains is the feature painting in my *BIG* Solo Exhibition,
opening next week at Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona. Five of the seven
paintings in the exhibition are shown below in my studio, with me there for scale.
The four on the floor and the girl on white behind me will join two other large
Western portraits that are already at the gallery.

You can see these five paintings in more detail on my website in the "On
Exhibition" collection. People are already referring to this collection of major
works as my masterpieces, which is very humbling.

Call Chris Sanders at the gallery on 520-299-1763 for price information and to
purchase the original paintings. Chris does things the old fashioned way with
superb personal service. (He doesn't have time for social media or updating his
website.) In this time of social distancing, we aren't having an official opening
reception. This exhibition is exclusively for gallery clients and my Studio Insiders
who are "in the know" - that's you!

Sanders Galleries
6420 N. Campbell Ave
Tucson AZ 85718

Ghost of the Mountains - Snow Leopard
Oil on Belgian linen panel
Matt black frame.

Giclée Editions and Petite Giclées

Ghost of the Mountains is also available as a signed and numbered Giclée
Edition, or as a Petite Giclée. You can choose the full image or a close-up
square portrait. The full size framed canvas giclée makes a stunning and
affordable feature for a large wall. Prices start at just $95 for a Petite Giclée, up
to $3,350 for the full sized 62"x48" framed, signed and numbered Canvas Giclée
Edition as shown above.

Good news! I've been able to reduce my Giclée prices considerably. If
you've browsed before but thought the prices were out of your reach,
please look again. The price reductions are more than 30% in some cases!

Trade clients, remember to log in to your account to shop with your generous
wholesale discount. If you don't have password access yet, email me to get an
activation link.



Studio Insider secret - I'm planning a Studio Sale of small works in time for

I've been rummaging through my studio and found a bunch of small paintings,
little studies, and Petite Giclées. They would make lovely gifts, so I'm planning a
sale and you will be the first to know about it!

The sale will start when I get everything listed on the website, and I have no
idea how long that will take me. I'm hoping to be ready in about a week.

Everything will be ready to ship so you will get them before Christmas, and the
shipping is free in the USA. (International friends, please email me for a shipping
quote. These small works don't cost too much to mail to Australia or wherever
you are.)

We all deserve a special treat!

Watch for my next Studio Insider update with details of the sale, and get in early
to find some inspiring bargains. After this crazy year, we all deserve something
extra special under our tree or in our stocking. Gift yourself or share the joy of
beautiful fine art with your loved ones.

To quote an art-loving friend, "Art makes me happy, and affordable art makes
me even happier!"

My very best wishes always,


P.S. Please share this email with your family and friends. If they join my Studio
Insider list this week, they can be first to shop the sale too.

Go to www.krystiimelaine.com to join.


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