Big cats and unpredictable quadrupeds!

Hello my wildlife-loving friends,

Today's new art update is all about animals. A Timeless Legacy - Women Artists
Painting Glacier National Park opens this coming weekend at The Hockaday
Museum of Art in Kalispell, Montana. The exhibition celebrates the long history
of women artists traveling to Glacier National Park to paint it's wildly
breathtaking beauty.

Last year I felt extremely honored that my portrait of a Blackfoot warrior won the
Van Kirke Nelson Hockaday Purchase Award and is now part of the permanent
museum collection. This year, my four paintings in the exhibition are portraits of
some of the wildlife found in this beautiful national park.

I've approached these portraits in a modern style, setting them against white
backgrounds with some abstract textures. The animals fade out into vignettes
around the edges too. Far from the old-fashioned wildlife art of brown paintings
and full landscape settings, these are light-filled paintings suitable for bright
modern homes and current interior design trends.

Moose Moods
I've had some awfully close encounters with moody moose, including in my own
back yard. I shared a beautiful fall morning with this majestic bull, tracking him
across an open meadow near the Grand Tetons, then into the trees as the sun
got warmer. I kept a carefully respectful distance, but he kept his eye on me just
to be sure.

30" x 30" Oil on linen panel with modern black frame, $5900.
Also Large Giclées and Petite Giclées

Omahkatayo - Mountain Lion (Blackfoot)
I've seen mountain lions on our trail cameras so I know they are around our
property, although I've never seen one here in person. I was lucky to get close
to this one high on a Montana mountain side. They are such sleek, beautiful big
cats, and they can move surprisingly fast in total silence. I named this portrait in
the Blackfoot language to honor the people of the northern regions where they

20" x 20" Oil on linen panel, modern champagne gold frame, $5,400.
Also Large Giclées and Petite Giclées

Cougar Cute
This cute little mountain lion cub was so adorable to paint, with those big blue
eyes and fluffy baby stripes. As she grows, she will lose the stripes and become
sleek and golden like her mother.

Oil on linen panel, champagne silver frame, $1,990.
Also available as Petite Giclées

I met this mountain goat up on Logan pass in Glacier National Park. He was
trotting along the trail towards me and showed no sign of slowing down as he
approached. Deciding those horns look quite sharp, I stepped off the side of the
track and out of his way. He trotted on past me with barely a glance in my
direction. Later I found him with his herd grazing in a mountain meadow and
was able to study them for quite some time.

Oil on linen panel, champagne silver frame, $1,990.
Also available as Petite Giclées

These four paintings and many others by talented women artists can be
purchased from the Hockaday Museum of Art in Kalispell, Montana. I hope you
will take a moment to view the exhibition online, and consider supporting the
museum and the artists with a purchase if you can. If you are in the Kalispell
area, the exhibition will be open for viewing from Thursday, August 13 with all of
the health precautions in place for your safety. Check the Hockaday website for
limited opening times.

Petite Giclée Animal Collection
All four of these new paintings are available as Petite Giclée prints, and the two
larger paintings are also available as Large Giclée prints at

With the addition of Billy and Cougar Cute, you can now make a mini collection
of 12" x 9" animal Petite Giclées that look great together on a child's wall (or an
adult's wall too!). Imagine starting a collection as an ongoing gift for your child or
grandchild, to introduce them to art and nature. At just $195 each, these little
prints make beautiful gifts for someone special in your life!

Save 10% on purchases of 3 or more Petite Giclées with coupon code PETITE3.


I hope you like my new wild portraits and feel inspired to get out into nature.
Plan a trip to explore our beautiful National Parks, or take a stroll through your
local park. Magical moments with wild creatures can happen anywhere - you
only have to go outside quietly and allow them to show themselves.

My wildest best wishes always,


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Trade Clients
These original paintings are not available at wholesale, but the Giclées and
Petite Giclées are available with your trade discount and free US shipping.
I'd also love to create Couture custom paintings of wildlife for your clients.
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Making Their Mark: American Women Artists at the Booth Museum continues until August 23
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