Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Hello my flowery friends,

Each spring I look forward to the few weeks in June when my many peony
plants bloom. (I have about 26 so far!) The bushes are covered in huge,
elaborate flowers that fascinate me in all their fleeting beauty. I paint them every
year, and this year I decided to go big. Really big. And blue.

Why, you may ask? Well, because I wasn't in a small or pale pink mood, and
I've always wished peonies came in more colors, like blue or purple or some
crazy speckled combination. With the magic of imagination and a paintbrush,
I can create peonies in any color I like, and this Big Blue Peony painting is the

I've also created a bunch of gorgeous color options for giclée prints. These
lusciously beautiful images of one of Mother Nature's finest creations are
re-imagined in blue, aqua, violet, plum, scarlet, gold, spring green, black &
white, or any other color you like.

Colors can be so evocative, creating moods of calmness or energy. Scroll
through these peony images and see if the flowers lift your spirits and make you
feel happy - and don't we all need some extra happiness right now?

Big Blue Peony
36" x 36" Oil on cradled birch panel, $7900 retail.

Be Cool

A cool neutral color palette of blue-greys is elevated with this burst of
blue on the wall.

Paintings are an opportunity to bring color accents and inspiration into your
home or office. Imagine how bland this room would feel without the painting to
liven it up!


Giclée Prints In Fun Colors!

The Big Blue Peony is available as giclée prints in 8 fun color variations, several
substrates, and lots of sizes. Choose from these colors, or send us your color
swatches for a color that works perfectly with your interior design. Color
matching is a free service!

Petite Giclées start at 8" x 8" squares on glossy metal for $95.
Large Giclées are available on gallery wrap or framed canvas, matte aluminum,
or modern acrylic. Sizes start at 20" x 20" for $790, up to 48" x 48".
If your perfect size isn't listed, contact us to order a custom giclée.

Trade clients - contract pricing for commercial projects is available.


Fill your spaces with color!

Be adventurous. Mix wild colors to enliven your family room, a kid's bedroom,
or a dull office waiting area. Wouldn't you feel happier if your accountant or
dentist decorated their spaces like this?

Art makes you happy. Colors make you happy. Look around the spaces that you
spend your life in and see if they could do with some happy colors or a whole


There, aren't you feeling a little bit lighter, more relaxed, uplifted, and happier?
No matter what's happening, we are all in control of how we feel, and we can
decide to look for things that make us feel happy. The world is still turning,
flowers are blooming, baby birds are cheeping, rivers flow, trees grow, and the
sun shines. Turn off the news and get outside into nature. And when you can't
get outside, bring nature inside with some happy flowers - whether real or

My very best flowery wishes always,


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Just when you thought it was all about color...
Introducing the Black & White Giclée Collection.

If color isn't your thing and you're looking for prints for a black and white or grey
themed room, this is the collection for you.

I'll keep adding new images to the Black & White collection in future so you
have plenty of inspiration to choose from. Or if your favorite image isn't listed in
black and white, contact me and I'll add it for you.



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