Hello my adventurous friends!

I've been busy finishing various paintings to show you. They have all come together at once, but they were all created separately over the past months.  

If you find my assorted inspirations and the combination of realism and abstraction a bit confusing, please stick with me. I promise that with time my vision will become clearer and you will start to discover the themes running through my new paintings. I'm exploring lots of new ideas to see which ones resonate most with me, and more importantly, which ones speak to you. It's a whole new adventure in creativity that I hope you will enjoy as we discover together where my wild ideas will take us all.

Stone Eagles

Carved in the 1720s, this pair of stone eagles stand guard over their urn. Wings mantled, they stare at each other with open beaks as if engaged in an intense discussion. Time and weather have stained the stone, adding to the beauty created by a skilled master carver so long ago. I love the architectural forms of classical sculpture like this beautiful urn.

Stone Eagles 36" x 36" Oil on panel $5900

Also available as Giclées starting at $790 and Petite Giclées starting at $95.

Mix your styles

A painting of classical sculpture makes an interesting counterpoint to a modern table design. The two pieces echo the same shapes and colors in different ways.


Be bold and mix your styles. Create unique combinations that start interesting conversations over dinner.




Tandem follows the path of two lives lived side by side, jumping over the same hurdles, following the same path, always connected. Each is an individual but the journey is shared. Between them a sparkle of gold dust shows where the magic happens.

Acrylic paint, pastel and speckled beads sewn to stretched canvas. 
20" x 16"
Framed in a gold floater frame. 
Framed size 21" x 17" x 2.25"


Keepsakes Collection

The Keepsakes Collection continues to evolve with new panels added, inspired by the idea of memories kept in a special box to be treasured. I hope your life is filled with happy memories. Celebrate them with your own collection of Keepsakes! 

Keepsakes are sold individually, so you can buy just one or two, or add to your collection as I create more pieces. Large beads are sewn onto each black and white painted panel, creating bold graphic designs. Hang them in a creative grouping or set them on a shelf. 

8" x 8" Paint and beads sewn to 1.5" deep panels. $275 each. 

Also available as Petite Giclées starting at $95.
Use coupon code PETITE3 for 10% off three or more Petite Giclées.

To my Trade Clients, Keepsakes make unique accents for shelves.
Sell them in your decor store too.

Hidden Themes

Are you starting to discover the themes emerging among my paintings? They are becoming more and more about journeys through life, time and space. The three new paintings featured today are about historical objects traveling through time, journeys through life together, and the memories that are created as keepsakes of those journeys. My love of beading is showing up too, and I hope to incorporate more beads into future paintings.

Although these paintings are quite different visually, they all come from the same mind, the same ideas, the same experiences. 


Some of them look great hanging together because of these hidden themes that flow through them all. 


For example, Tandem fits perfectly with two of the Together series for a theme about life in tones of grey and white. The three paintings fill the wall nicely and create an interesting story.

I'd love to see how you display your art collections! Be adventurous and get creative. You don't have to hang just one large painting on a wall. Create your own style with a group of three or four that speak to you and tell your life story. Start small with affordable pieces and enjoy seeing your collection grow over time. 

Remember you can always contact me to arrange a payment plan. Many of my collectors pay installments over 6 to 10 months so their art collecting fits into their budget. It's easy - just contact me to set up monthly invoicing before you buy online. There are no fees, and I'll ship your painting as soon as you pay in full. Filling your life with beautiful fine art might be more attainable than you thought.

Until next time, my very best wishes always,



Current Exhibitions

Clockwise from top left:


Making Their Mark: American Women Artists at the Booth Museum.

Channunpa Wakhan - The Sacred Pipe, Lakota.


The Buffalo Bill Art Show Scout's Small Works Sale.

The Watcher - Wolf.


Night of Artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum - 5 paintings.


Broadmoor Galleries Group Exhibition - 3 paintings






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