Hello my wonderful friends,

I've been working hard to finish several new paintings for you to enjoy. You've
had glimpses of some on Instagram and Facebook, but others have slipped
through without any progress updates. Today's painting, simply titled River, has
had a couple of details shown publicly that haven't given much away at all, but
you are the first to see the complete painting!

I've been watching the changes in a particular stretch of the Yellowstone River
for many years. Rocky islands form, trees grow, then a spring flood washes it all
away and a new channel forms in a different place.

The river is eternal and ever-changing, a living system where every element
plays its part.

The rocks have been tumbling and migrating together in the flow of water for
millennia, gradually wearing away until they are all rounded.

Where have they come from and how long has it taken for them to get this far?


This painting is about the changing forms of the rocks in the flow of time and

Take a moment to let its peace wash over you and just breathe...


The original River painting is a mix of techniques and textures with metallic
paints on a subtly blended white and pale grey background.

River is also available as a Large Giclée up to 54" x 40", and in a squared
format for Petite Giclées starting at $95.

Trade clients, you can buy the original painting and the giclée reproductions at
wholesale as always. River is a concept that I would love to explore further in
Couture custom originals!

I hope River gives you a feeling of peacefulness. My favorite short meditation is
to imagine I'm floating in a river. Allow the water to flow gently over you from
head to toe and just breathe...

My very best wishes always,


Mixed media on cradled birch panel
40" x 30"

Large Giclées from $990 to $2,750

Petite Giclées from $95 to $195

Free shipping in the USA.


Making Their Mark: American Women Artists

This important virtual exhibition opened on Friday, May 29, and runs until
August 23. You can see the exhibition online at The Booth Western Art
Museum. The art by these amazing women artists is available for sale through
the Booth Museum.

My painting in this exhibition is Channunpa Wakhan - The Sacred Pipe, Lakota
40"x30" oil on linen panel, $17,900. Purchase from the Booth Museum or online
at www.krystiimelaine.com


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