Going With The Flow

Hello my free-flowing friends!

I hope life is starting to look a little better and you are going with the flow as
much as you can. I've realized that my job and mission as an artist is to share
happiness and beauty with the world, so I hope you will find some happiness
and beauty in my new and enormous triptych titled Flowing.

When I started this whole abstract art adventure, I had no idea how much the
paintings would come to reflect the flow of my life. Flowing is a perfect example.
It was inspired by the Yellowstone River seen from above, carving out new
paths as it flows continuously through beautiful landscapes. But when I stepped
back to look at it in a more abstract way, I think it's about the path of life this
year for everyone.

Reading it from left to right, life was flowing along quite well until we all faced a
common threat and were confined for a time. Our lives became restricted, both
physically and emotionally. But now life is beginning to flow again as we branch
out to explore this new world, each of us finding our own paths forward. The
future is still a little blurry, but there is hope and anticipation of opportunities out
there beyond the canvas.

This painting reminds me that life is constantly flowing like a river, and we can't
go back upstream to change the past. We can only go with the flow
downstream, choosing our path and meandering along to see where it takes us.

Peaceful Inspiration
Flowing evokes a peaceful feeling of fluid motion with soft layers of blue, aqua
and grey interlaced with hints of warmth. It is large enough to fill a main living
room wall and set a sophisticated mood for your space.

Painted in oils and alkyds with cold wax and oil pastel on three 2" cradled birch
panels. The sides are painted pale grey to match the painting.

40" x 30" (102 cm x 76 cm) x 3 panels. Size when hanging: 40" x 94".
Unframed cradled panels, ready to hang, or they can be framed if you prefer.
$7500 unframed.

Get Creative With The Giclée Edition
Flowing is also available as a Giclée Edition in four sizes. You can purchase the
panels individually, or buy the triptych at a 10% discount.

This modern living room has the the Gallery Wrap Canvas triptych in 60"x45"
panels, turned sideways to fit the tall feature wall. It is 139" high by 60" wide
when hung this way. Walls this size can be difficult to fill, so I wanted to create
an affordable solution that looks clean, modern and beautiful. This Giclée
Edition is only $8900, which is great value for a work of art that is nearly twelve
feet tall.

For my Interior Design and Art Advisor clients, this giclée triptych is large
enough for corporate or healthcare spaces where the peaceful flow will help
promote productivity and wellness. Your generous wholesale discount applies,
and shipping is free in the USA as always. If you haven't created your trade
account yet, reply to this email for a link to set your password.

Make A Strong Statement With A Single Panel
This is the central panel as a framed canvas giclée edition, showing some of the
subtle colors with hints of lilac and gold among the cool blues and aqua. The
painting was created with scrapers, rollers, and palette knives, with some
accents drawn in with oil pastel. The entire process was calm, free-flowing and
meditative, and I think that energy comes through in the painting.

Please let me know what you think of Flowing. I love hearing your feedback!
One of the side effects of this year has been the lack of exhibitions and studio
visits where I get to interract with people and hear their opinions of my work.
That feedback feeds my soul and I really miss the art conversations with my
collector friends.

Art really does make you happy. Fill your life with beautiful images that feed
your soul and give you a moment to relax, smile and feel happiness whenever
you look at them.

My very best wishes always,


P.S. Please share this email and the happiness of beautiful art with your family
and friends!

This is the right side panel of the Flowing triptych. You can see the marks and
layers of the long meditative process of building up this image. It's kind of like a
misty rainbow, don't you think?


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