Quest For The West at the Eiteljorg Museum

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it's nearly September? And that means it's nearly time for
Quest For The West! This is my largest and most important exhibition of the
year, and a fabulous event that Michael and I always look forward to. Normally it
takes place at the beautiful Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western
Art in Indianapolis, Indiana, but this year the show will be a virtual "luck of the
draw" sale. This means that anyone can participate in the sale just by

You need to register by Sunday, August 30, (that's tomorrow!) to be able to
place your name in the draw for your favorite works of art. Registration is only
$25 and can be done online at the Eiteljorg Museum website.

Then you place your name into the virtual box for the paintings or sculptures
you would like to buy. On Friday, September 11, the miniatures will be sold, and
on Saturday, September 12, the main sale will occur. At the designated time,
names are drawn and you discover if you are the lucky one who gets to
purchase the pieces you wanted. Full details will be sent in your welcome
package when you register.

This year with no wall space limitations, the artists were invited to enter up to 7
works including a miniature. Here are my paintings and some thoughts about
each one. Enjoy!

Tsemehot-o - The One I Love, Cheyenne
Standing strong together, this Cheyenne couple are ready to face the world and
anything life may hold for them. She carries his painted rawhide shield while he
holds a lance. Her dress has rows of cowrie shells traded from far away, an
exotic alternative to elk teeth for these inland people who would never see the
ocean. His shirt is stained deep blue with rare traded pigments to represent the
sky, and wide bands of bead work are edged with horse hair drops.

44" x 22" Oil on linen panel, $14,900

Wicalu - The Fan, Lakota
This Lakota woman is dressed for a special event in her best dentalium shell
and beadwork hair drops, bone choker, and a single eagle feather in her hair.
She holds an eagle feather fan which has both practical and ceremonial uses.
Used for fanning the air and for shade on a hot day, the fan is also an
expressive part of her dancing. With the concept of air being the focus of this
painting, I've allowed her to dissolve around the edges and become one with
the atmosphere.

36" x 18" Oil on linen panel, $8,900

Waphaha Hethunpi - The Horned Headdress, Lakota
This magnificent Lakota horned headdress signifies the great bravery and honor
of the man who wears it. Each eagle feather is an honor earned in battle or in
service to his people. The finely honed horns, ermines, ribbons, and beadwork
all carry great significance.

I have allowed all but the man and his headdress to fade away into the pure
white background, creating a powerful modern image of a historical subject.

30" x 30" Oil on cradled birch panel, $7,900

Wide Open Spaces
A dappled grey mare runs free with her pretty paint foal across the wide open
spaces. No fences or rules close them in. With the wind in their hair, they can
go wherever they like in my light and airy imagined world.

17.5" x 40" Oil on linen panel, $7,900

Sungila - Red Fox, Lakota
Ears cocked towards a rustle below, this red fox watches intently for the
slightest movement of his next meal. Set against a white background, this
portrait is an exploration of all the characteristics of foxes. His black ears, thick
red fur, white markings and intense expression are allowed to shine in this
larger-than-life portrait.

20" x 20" Oil on linen panel, $4,800

Voaxaa'e - Bald Eagle, Cheyenne
In the Cheyenne language, the majestic Bald Eagle is called Voaxaa'e. Their
feathers are revered for ceremonial purposes.

A pair of Bald Eagles nest just along the river from us each year. This year their
two young have been exploring our yard and calling loudly from our rooftop, one
of their favorite perches. It's wonderful to see them swooping along the river and
flying right by our windows.

Little Red - Rufous Hummingbird
Rufous Hummingbirds pass through our area in early spring, heading further
north for the summer. For just a few days the feisty males fight over the nectar
feeders and have tiny airborne sword fights with their beaks. Their brilliant
colors shine in the light as they zig and zag around.

12" x 9" Oil on linen panel, $1,990
Little Red is my miniature painting which will be sold by draw on Friday,
September 11.

Western & wildlife art for modern homes.
Are you seeing a new trend in my paintings? I'm enjoying exploring the
possibilities of light backgrounds, often pure white with a hint of texture. My
frames are simple, sleek and modern too. This new style suits the modern
interior design trends of sophisticated whites and greys. They feel clean, fresh,
light and uplifting.

I hope you will take a moment to view the whole Quest For The West exhibition
online at the Eiteljorg Museum website. 50 of the world's finest Western and
Wildlife artists participate, and I'm honored to be one of them.

And remember, if you see something you'd like to enjoy at home forever, you
need to register by tomorrow, Sunday, August 30th, then send your bids in by
next Friday, September 4th. Once you register, you will receive a welcome
package which explains all the details. You will have a personal Concierge to
help you with every step of the process too.

Online art exhibitions are a new experience for us all, and the new way of
viewing and buying art. If you are in a position to buy something beautiful for
your home, I hope you will consider helping the artists and the museum to have
a successful online show by finding a work of art that you love. Art makes you

With my very best wishes always,


P.S. These new paintings are also available as exclusive Giclée Editions and
Petite Giclées on my website. So if you miss out on the original or your budget
doesn't quite stretch that far, you can still enjoy your favorite images in whatever
size you like. Prices start at just $95!

*Trade clients welcome with generous wholesale discounts on Giclées*

Free shipping in the continental US.
Trade accounts for wholesale pricing.
Couture custom orders welcome.


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