Are you ready for springtime and the new Age of Aquarius?

Hello my art-loving friends,

Here in the Inland Northwest the days are getting longer, the snow has melted
although it's still well below freezing at night, the sun appears more often, and
some plants have tiny buds if you look really, really closely. For me it's a time of
waiting and anticipating being able to work in the garden and walk in the
sunshine again. As a sun-loving Aussie, I still haven't fully embraced the months
of snow and coldness!

In the spirit of spring, here are some new paintings to brighten up your life!

Curcuitous egrets painting

Circuitous ~ Great Egrets

The curling necks of these three great egrets form circuitous paths to their
golden beaks, which radiate out like a pinwheel.

The title also refers to my circuitous path from painting birds as a child,
rediscovering bird art when I began my career as a professional artist, and now
circling back to birds at this new stage of my career.

Oil paint on Belgian linen on panel, framed in a silver frame.
Painting size: 48" x 48" (122 cm x 122 cm)

I am extremely grateful to my wonderful collector who purchased this painting
straight off the easel, having only seen a photo of it!

egrets in hotel interior

Although the original painting is sold, Circuitous is available as a Giclée Edition.
It's shown here as a huge 54"x54" canvas framed in silver in a hotel lobby.

Painted at the dawn of the new "Age of Aquarius," (it's happening now), this
painting is about flowing water. It is also about hope, change, new ways of
thinking, and moving through darkness and challenging times into light. Or
perhaps it's just a pleasing arrangement of blues and pale greens that are
relaxing to look at and easy to live with...

And that's the point of abstract art, for those of you wondering how I can
embrace realism and abstraction at the same time! Abstracts are an escape
from reality, a different energy, a way of expressing emotions and ideas without
images dictating what you should think or feel. They are easy to enjoy, easy to
live with, and you don't need to make any excuses for choosing art that matches
the sofa. I've even included some color swatches to help you!

Oil paint and cold wax on Belgian linen panel, framed in a champagne gold
hand-crafted frame.
Painting size: 36" x 36" (91 cm x 91 cm) $2,990

Aquarius brings a new flow to this space as a 54"x54" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Giclée Edition. Two pillows from the Aquarius collection complete the look.

Aquarius Pillows
These are just some of the Aquarius pillows named for the the ocean. Available
in three subtle colors, six designs, and two fabrics.

Mix and match them or order custom colors and patterns. The custom pillow
design service is free!

Through my explorations of abstraction, I've discovered that I need some
structure. I'm not comfortable with entirely random marks and thoughtless
creation. I want to be part of the process, be present, set some conscious
guidelines to direct my creativity. When life feels a bit out of control, I need a
quietly organized painting like this one, with reassuringly straight lines and a
sense of stability and structure that make me feel secure. I hope Intersect
makes you feel secure too!

Oil paint and cold wax on cradled birch panel. Unframed and ready to hang.
Sides of panel painted blue-grey to match painting.

Painting size: 36" x 36" (91 cm x 91 cm) $1,990
Framing can be arranged for an additional cost.

Intersect Original or Giclée Edition
Intersect creates a calming and reassuring atmosphere for any room, with
lemon and mustard intersected by soft blues. Find a special place for the
original painting, or choose a Giclée Edition.

Waiting for spring...
Or is it called "late winter"? Someone once told me that Spokane has four
seasons: summer, early winter, winter, and late winter. Some years it certainly
feels that way, but this winter was mild and I'm optimistic that a warm and sunny
springtime will emerge from "late winter" soon. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my
sunny paintings!

With my very best wishes always,


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