Hello my lovely friends,

If you are one of those who prefer my realism paintings and are a bit perplexed
by my recent foray into abstract art, this New Art Alert is for you! 

I've returned to the wildlife subjects that launched my career (is it really 30
years ago?!) and I'm finding new joy in painting them with a light and modern
approach. These creatures are so beautiful in their own right that all they need
is to be set against light textured backgrounds, with hints of color and tone
around the edges. 

They are perfect for light, modern homes or to bring the inspiration of nature
into your work spaces.

Omahkapi'si - Timber Wolf (Blackfoot)

The noble timber wolf, both elusive and bold, emerges from the mists of time
as a creature of myths and legends. In this portrait he is named in the
Blackfoot language by the ancient people who share his northern forested lands. 


40" x 30" Oil on linen panel, champagne silver frame. $9600

On exhibition at Broadmoor Galleries at The Broadmoor Resort, 

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Race The Wind, Black Horse painting
Race The Wind

At full gallop, this black stallion seems to float above the ground.
With mane streaming, he and his rider race the wind. 


30" x 30" Oil on linen panel, black frame, $6900

On exhibition at Broadmoor Galleries at The Broadmoor Resort, 

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rufous Hummingbird painting

The gorgeous little Rufous hummingbirds pass through our area each spring.
The feisty males fight over the feeders for a few days of buzzing orangeness
before moving further north to breed. 


18" x 18" Oil on linen panel, champagne silver frame. $2900

On exhibition at Broadmoor Galleries at The Broadmoor Resort, 

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Watcher, wolf portrait
The Watcher

Ever alert, this wolf watches his world carefully, looking for opportunities to
feed his pack. I love painting wolves. They seem so very like our pet dogs
and yet they are completely wild.


12" x 9" Oil on linen panel, champagne silver frame. $1990

On exhibition at the Scout's Miniature Sale at the 

Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming.

These four new paintings are on exhibition and available to purchase (retail
only). The first three will arrive at the Broadmoor Galleries in the beautiful
Broadmoor Hotel Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado, tomorrow. The little
wolf portrait is at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in the Scout's Miniature
 which continues until the big Buffalo Bill Art Show live auction in

All five images including Pink Ears below are also available as Giclées or Petite Giclées.
The Giclée and Petite Giclée collections continue to grow with new images
and sizes added this week. You can order them online
at www.krystiimelaine.com. Retail and wholesale orders welcome!

I hope these portraits of our wonderful natural world inspire you to get outside,
breathe the fresh air, and relax your mind, body and soul. See what wildlife you
can find and forget the cares of life for a while. We all need this connection to
nature for our well-being. And if you can, treat yourself to some fine art once in
a while to help make you happy!

My very best wishes always,


P.S. Please tell me what you think of these paintings or anything I'm working
on. I'd love to hear your thoughts and share them with your fellow readers!

Pink Ears - Sold!

This beautiful little whitetail fawn was sold through Instagram before she was
even finished! 

Don't you love the way her ears turn pink with the light shining through them? 

A friend fell in love with this little one and decided to treat herself to something
that will make her happy for many years to come.

Please follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see what I'm working on.
You can always get in early and buy a painting right off the easel!

Making Their Mark: American Women Artists

This important virtual exhibition opened on Friday, May 29, and runs until August 23. You can see the exhibition online at The Booth Western Art Museum. The art by these amazing women artists is available for sale through the Booth Museum.

My painting in this exhibition is Channunpa Wakhan - The Sacred Pipe, Lakota
40"x30" oil on linen panel, $17,900. Purchase from the Booth Museum or online at www.krystiimelaine.com


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