Hello my art-loving friends,

Wow, time really got away from me! It's been seven weeks since my last newsletter (did you miss me?) My only excuse is that I've been busy painting for my fall exhibition deadlines. Plus it's spring so the yard needed attention, and I've been helping Michael build us a new deer-proof vegetable garden. Now the plants are happily growing in their beds, we have two Wood Ducks and a Hooded Merganser sitting on a total of 38 eggs in the three nest boxes by the river, the sun is shining and life is good.

As always you are the first to see the new paintings and designs I've been working on. These went live on my website just before sending out this new art update this morning.

Spirit horse painting of a white horse with rainbow mane

Spirit Horse
Turning towards the future, this beautiful rainbow Spirit Horse emerges from the light to guide your way. Or if that's too weird for you, I just wanted to play with some fun colors in his mane and the shadows to make a white horse on a white background more unusual and interesting! I had so much fun creating this painting, sticking to realism but pushing the colors into the realm of the imagination. He's big, bold, beautiful and friendly, and would look fabulous on your wall.

48" x 48" Original oil painting on Belgian linen on panel, in a contemporary silver frame. $12,000

He's available at Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Call Chris Sanders on 520-299-1763 for information and to purchase.

*If you would love a painting like this of your own horse, call or email me to discuss your ideas. I love painting horses and welcome the opportunity to paint yours!

Spirit Horse hanging in neutral interior above sofa

Spirit Horse Giclée Edition
Here's how Spirit Horse could look in your home. He's sure to make you smile every day, and that's the magic and life-long value of beautiful fine art. He's also available as a signed and numbered Giclée Edition in sizes from 20"x20" up to a huge 54"x54".

Precipice abstract painting over sofa with cute dog

Precipice went through several stages, beginning as an aerial view of a harbor, becoming a torrent of water, then being over-simplified to a greyish mush before this image emerged. That's the nature of abstract painting - and of life - to evolve over time with many interesting layers contributing to the whole.

I named it Precipice because I felt like I was on the edge of the abyss right up until the moment I placed that sharp horizontal line that gave me something to hold onto. I think this painting is a metaphor for life recently, where so many of us have been on the edge of a precipice, wondering if we will fall into the unknown or find something solid to hold onto. I hope this painting gives you the same sense of safety and reassurance it gives me. And a cute dog always adds to the happiness too!

36" x 36" Original oil and cold wax painting on 1 5/8" cradled birch panel. Sides are painted to match so it can be hung unframed. $3450. (Framing can be arranged for an additional cost.)


Precipice abstract painting with deep blues, warm orange hints and soft grey tones.

Precipice Giclée Edition
Precipice is also available as a signed and numbered Giclée Edition on canvas. Choose the original square format, or it's available in horizontal or vertical to fit any wall. My Giclées are always fully customizable to make decorating your spaces as easy as possible!

New colorways in Orbit designer pillows by Krystii Melaine

New colors in Orbit Designer Pillows
A friend thinks my Orbit pillow design looks like coffee rings, so I decided these pillows would look great in coffee and chocolate colors. And then because I love creating new colorways, I made an Ocean-colored set as well.

Choose chocolate for a warm natural home, Coffee for a sleek modern look, or Ocean for a cool beach house theme. Or I can match any color scheme you can imagine! Color matching is a free service - you just need to order 4 pillows. Prices start at just $49.

**I'm working on a new affiliate program. If you or someone you know is a social media influencer, an interior design blogger, an E-designer, or has an online store, please contact me. You can promote my designer pillows, Giclée prints, original paintings, and whatever new products I create, and earn a generous commission on every sale!


That's all my news until next time, which hopefully will be sooner than seven weeks away. Meanwhile, I hope you can get outside and reconnect with nature as much as possible, like I plan to do!

Wishing you happiness always,



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